Kingmax silent diesel generators have drastically reduced noise level over traditional open frame type generators due to the larger double muffler system. Kingmax very demanding power needs also agree the stronger construction and higher quality components help
prolong the life of this generator over others.
Kingmax Gasoline Generator delivers reliable electricity in an instant for emergency backup power, home projects and countless recreational uses. Quiet, fuel-efficient operation
and a long run time make it ideal for any situation.
Kingmax Water Pumps comes with commercial grade engine giving you durable performance. Kingmax water pumps are ideal for emptying pools, flooded basement and water logged job sites.
Kingmax portable generators are the number one choice, which provide quiet power for camping, races, parties without any sound and more.
Kingmax Car Washers are versatile, robust with rubber wheels. High-pressure cleaners are suitable for cleaning cars and garden furniture etc.

Cost efficient pumping with high reliability and
life expectancy,
the efficiency is
improved 25% by
the permanent magnetism.

Kingmax submersible pump is extensively used for electrical irrigation, water pumping from well, water tower deliver and urban construction water supply.
Kingmax brush cutter are reliable assistants in parks and public garden, particularly for professionals. Low weight & excellent cutting performance.
Kingmax chain saw very powerful, extremely and robust. Chain saws are ideal for jobs like pruning, lighter cutting tasks and hobby work. Easy to start and operate, highly recommended for the effective harvesting of big timber.

King Max Co LLC from 1986 is a key supplier to new and rising markets all over the globe. The company has been supplying a wide range of its products to many regions across the globe, which includes countries in Africa, Asia and Middle East. Not to mention the fact that the company has a strong and faithful customer base in Africa, Asia, CIS and Middle East.

King Max is the world's leading supplier of Diesel & Gasoline Generators, Water Pumps, Engines, Electric Motors & Welding Machines, High Pressure Cleaner and Battery Chargers

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Determine space, style and sophistication to additional with kingmax’s power plants generators, garden machineries, agricultural machineries, power chain saws, high-pressure car wash, diesel and gasoline engines. Kingmax products are intended with the most of appropriate requirements of customers in order to their prospective business.

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