Kingmax gasoline generators deliver relaible electricity in an instant for emergency backup power, home protects and
countless recreational uses. quiet, fuel-efficient operation and a long run time make it ideal for any sitiuation.
Kingmax gasoline generators have some of their realistic characteristics:

1. Kingmax gasoline with two-stroke & four-strock.
2. A compact and portable power for recreation, emergency and home/ ofiice site use.
3. Easy start and low fuel consumption ratio.
4. Overload protection for safe running.
5. Kingmax diesel generators are widely used in the area of industry, factories and construction site.
6. When the normal power supply (mains, wind or solar) is cut, the DC power from the fuel powered rectifier not only ensure the power supply for the loads, but also charge the batteries, therefore realize the "Uninterrupted Power Supply" for the telecom equipments.

800W Gasoline Generator

Engine Type Air Cooled 2Strock Starting System Recoil
Max A.C Output 800W Fuel Tank Capacity 4.2Litre
Rated A.C Output 650W Continuous Operating Time 6Hours
Rated Voltage 220/ 110V A.C Frequency 50/ 60Hz
Max. Output 2.0HP/ 3600RPM Fuel Type Unleaded Gasoline
Ignition System CDI Phase Number Single
Compression Ratio 8.5:1 Dimension (L*W*H) 375*315*335
Displacement 63CC Weight 18kG

1kW Gasoline Generator

Rated A.C Output 1.0kW Fuel Tank Capacity 5Litre
Max A.C Output 1.2kW Engine Type Air Cooled 4Strock
Rated Frequency 50/ 60Hz Displacement 86.5
Rated Voltage 220/ 110V Compression Ratio 7:1
Rated Rotation Speed 3000 to 3600 Starting System Recoil/ Hand Operate
DC Output 12V/ 8.3A Fuel/ Oil Gasoline High Grade
Power Factor 1.0 Dimension 480*410*425
Phase Number Single Phase Weight 28kG/ 61.Lbs

2kW Gasoline Generator

Rated A.C Output 2.0kW Max Output 4.1kW
Max A.C Output 2.2kW Fuel Tank Capacity 15Litre
A.C Frequency 50/ 60Hz Continuous Operating Time 13Hours
Rated Voltage 220/ 110V Min. Fuel Consumption 360g/kW*h
Engine Type Air Cooled 4Strock Noise Level 65dB
Ignition System Transistor Magneto Lube Oil Capacity 0.6Litre
Starting System Recoil/ Electric Dimension 605*445*450
Displacement 163CC Weight 40kG

5kW Gasoline Generator

Rated A.C Output 5.0kW Max Output 9.6kW
Max A.C Output 5.5kW Displacement 389CC
Rated Frequency 50/ 60Hz Fuel Tank Capacity 25Litre
Rated Voltage 220/ 110V Continuous Operating Time 10Hours
Power 13.0HP Min. Fuel Consumption 313G/ kW.H
Ignition System Transistor Magneto Noise Level 74DB
Engine Type Air Cooled S.Cylinder Dimension 695*522*545
Starting System Recoil/ Electric Weight 82kG



Determine space, style and sophistication to additional with kingmax’s power plants generators, garden machineries, agricultural machineries, power chain saws, high-pressure car wash, diesel and gasoline engines. Kingmax products are intended with the most of appropriate requirements of customers in order to their prospective business.


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